Ca’ Cigolara was born in 2014 as a successfull completion of a many years chased idea: to create something original in hospitality, an alternative to the frantic milan life we all come from. That’s the reason why we thought to create a little corner of Mongolia (where, unfortunately, we still haven’t got the opportunity to go) right here in this little paradise on the Appennines where our guests could relax, heal from everyday life and feel at ease.

Our certified biological farm stand right in front of the regional Oasi of Ghirardi with its six hectares. It consists of a wide vegetable garden whose fresh vegetables are just the ones provided to our guests; a small orchard and a beautiful lavender field from which we derive our essences.

The harvest of small fruits such as red and black ribes, blackberries, raspberries and so on helps us manufacture jams, liquors and jellies we use in our agritourism as well as sold them in our structure together with many other products for the body we create from plants.

We breed cows, pigs, rabbits, horses, goats and chickens naturally with the help of two couples of dogs and cats. What we can’t produce ourselves we take from the best local manufacturers with always the goal of km Zero products on our mind.