An aspect that we particularly take care of is the food. Thanks to our fields and our animals most of the products that you can enjoy on our table are organic and grown and bred by us! To prepare our dishes we have a modern multi-function oven to propose foods cooked at low temperature or steamed, so as to ensure the conservation of aromas and nutritional properties. We combine to it, a traditional wood stove and also the possibility of grilling and roasting on the outside. Our restaurant can host up to 60 people. We accept only by booking for all that you will enjoy will be freshly prepared. Guests may enjoy dishes of the Emilia tradition, in some cases with a contemporary flavour. The menu offered is steady (consisting of a starter, main course, side dishes and dessert), but different day by day, always respecting the seasons. The products used are mainly from our own production (almost all vegetables and meat) and what we can’t produce by ourselves comes mainly from local producers.
Some of our suggestions:
Appetizers: cold cuts (from our production since this year), quiches, cheese with truffles, cheese with herbs, croutons with mushrooms, smoked ricotta baked parmesan baskets with vegetables ….
First course: pasta with Bolognese sauce or game sauce, truffle, porcini mushrooms, pesto, rugula and culaccia pesto, lasagna with meat sauce or pesto, ravioli with herbs, pumpkin, borage, rice bomb, risotto with mushrooms, sausage and mushrooms, truffle, testaroli with pesto or butter and parmesan …..
Seconds: smoked pork, braised, roast beef or roast pork, roast beef with 3 dips, asado, brescian spiedone, barbecues, eggplant parmigiana, rabbit at the ligurian way, guinea fowl baked, stewed wild boar, roe deer with red wine and juniper .. …
Desserta: barozzi cake, nougat parfait, tiramisu, bread cake, desserts with mascarpone and berries. Local wines, Herbal teas and homemade liquors
Available on request vegetarian and vegan menu.