We tried to create an environment in which to combine the direct contact with nature (the Yurta) with the necessary comfort to enjoy it peacefully. A few steps away from the tents we therefore made available to guests, comfortable toilets, a restaurant with bar, free wi-fi area, music…

We can accommodate up to 39 people for overnight staying and up to 60 people for lunches and dinners.

The restaurant and shared areas

A few meters from the Yurt stands the building (the yellow structure) for activities in common.

The dining room is about 100 square meters. If necessary, can easily be transformed into multi-purpose hall for performances, workshops, music, dance or other activities. We have arranged in the porch a relax and reading area wih wi-fi network available to guests.

We do have a nice swimming pool looking on the valley.

Recently we have built a big dome that you can use for all purposes: yoga, dance, meetings…and also a big wooden platform in the middle of our trees.

The sinks, showers and bathrooms

Three spacious and comfortable basins placed on a base made of resin and “nature” decorations with mirrors and electrical outlets to make more pleasant and functional as possible the care of your hygiene.

We provide also a large bathroom for differently able visitors.

The room is heated and of course with hot water.

Three spacious showers are available to guests, the base is made of stone and resin, they are large enough to allow easy change of clothes